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Fitness for women who want to feel inspired, motivated, and empowered!


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I will never break up with class. we just seem to workout


Lunges & Lipstick is more than just classes and a killer sweat sesh (although we rock this every class). We are a community! Fitness, empowerment and good vibes is what we are all about. We believe that there is nothing better than an awesome workout with a gal by your side.

Are you ready to make some magic happen? Join a family of women who will push you to reach goals that will only make you smile!




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Hey girl!


I’m Vanessa, and I’m the founder of Lunges and Lipstick. I am passionate about fitness but I’m CRAZY passionate about empowering you lovely ladies!! Fitness is my jam, but love is my life!

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What we do



Ooooh girl I love a good party! We host events from wine nights to fitness retreats, to Saturday morning brunch dates with your besties!




This is where the magic happens! Grab a bestie, come to class and prepare to be motivated, inspired and empowered, oh and probably sweat a bit too.


Online Coaching

Programs that are designed for your specific needs. In home or at the gym, you will be prepared and held accountable!

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Fitness that changes lives


How amazing to be a part of something that goes beyond ourselves. Your fitness is really making a difference not only in your own life but in the lives of people across the continent! A portion of our profits from classes, fitness challenges, and retreats is donated to an organization called 1Mission

Houses should not look like this! 1Mission is a community development organization giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving their community. 

Girls, this organization is absolutely AMAZING, and what a privilege and honour it is to be apart of something big, something beyond ourselves. Together we can change the world! XOXO