So let's talk food! We have all heard the 80/20 rule, 80% diet and 20% exercise. The hard truth...ugh! For me at least. Take me on a run, hike, swim, or to the gym....working out is never an issue for me! Its a total stress relief (not going to lie-its also a bit of an escape from my four crazy babes) BUT the food....oh the food. After I had my first babe Cruz I was waiting for the magical "bounce back" transformation that so many Moms talked about or experienced (you know who you are). Not for me....that did NOT happen! I was still 10lbs heavier when I was pregnant with my next baby (which actually ended up being two babies to my surprise). After I had my twins I said..."not this time" ..I was determined to get my body back! And guess what....I DID! I worked hard and I ate well...and the transformation happened! So....just a little glimpse into the food that are staples in my life, the food that I love, and the food that helped transform my body. 

- Lean chicken
- sole (fish)
- lean ground turkey
- Greek yogurt
- cottage cheese
- protein powder

Complex Carbs
- Whole wheat bread
- Brown rice
- Quinoa
- Whole Wheat wraps
- Cucumbers
- Spinach
- peppers
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Apples
- Raspberries
- Strawberries

- Peanut butter
- Avocado
- Coconut oil

And the list goes on!! I will for sure write more about food on more posts....because really....who doesn't love food?!!!


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