The 30 day Habit challenge

The 30 day Habit challenge


Changes that will last!

After an amazing summer of ice cream, adventure and wine by sunset, I am in need of some habit changes!

Girls, I am all about the balance, but I will admit this summer the scale has been leaning a bit to one side (can you say Tacos and ice cream for the win!!), but now that September is approaching it’s time to get a little goal oriented!!

SO let’s do it together! A little bit of sweat, some healthy dishes, and a community of babes to do it with!

30 day habit challenge starts: September 3rd- October 3rd

This challenge will include:

- a 30 day workout program you can do from home or the gym

- food options list

- meal plan suggestions

- some of my fave ‘go to’ recipes

- most importantly 10 goals/habits to help you reach a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Throughout the 30 days I will be emailing challenges to help you create healthy habits!
If you are interested in winning a Lulu Card, then you are welcome to take a before and after picture to submit.

Once you purchase: You will need to go to the tab “forms” on my website and fill out and email me a Par-Q, then the program will be sent a few days before the start date

Can’t even wait to get started on this with you all!!


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