Confessions about my Sugar addiction...

SO here is where I'm at as of today....
I will admit that I like sugar WAY too much!
Although I am ALL about the healthy lifestyle, I totally love sweets....its basically my weakness, which totally sucks when you think about the whole 80/20 rule. 80% of a healthy body is made in the kitchen and the other 20% in the gym. Now let me say that BALANCE is the key here....Im always striving for that! Eating foods that are rich and full of nutrients but also allowing myself to have a few indulgences here and there. I personally follow a MACRO style diet (you can ask me more about that if your interested) but the basics of that are being aware of whats in your food (carbs, protein, fat).... it works wonders I tell you! I LOVE it! Anyways, the problem is this....I have begun to sacrifice healthy food like vegetables and whole food to eat Junk....Like my children's halloween candy (Hate that holiday-get that candy outta my house lol).

SO there you have it....I just like sugar way too much! the feeling of being addicted to something is the absolute worst....which means I personally need to change that! So....Im hoping that sometime soon I can get a bunch of you beauties to join me on a veggie challenge! Girl, I need to UP my veggie game and down my sugar game! 

Veggie challenge coming soon......(also if you see that I'm grumpy, you'll know what I'm doing)
Detoxing from the sugar...eek

XOXO Vanessa


Vanessa van Tol