Hello Fresh

I just tried Hello Fresh and I LOVED it!!! If you haven't heard about them,they are a company based out of Canada and they deliver a magical box of food to your doorstep! Sounds amazing right?  You pick a plan that works best for your fam. There is a pronto, family, veggie box. you pick your box, how many meals you want, and for how many people. I picked family-3 meals-4 days. They sent me a box with pre cut veggies, pre measured ingredients, and recipes! It all came to my door step with cooler packs so everything was super cold and fresh! It was fun to try new recipes but even more it was super FAST! I mean what babe doesn't need a little help in the kitchen...am I right? The recipes were healthy too....and my kids actually liked them (thats a small miracle)! If you want to try it let me know cause I can give you a code for a discount

Happy cooking!!


Vanessa van TolComment