Cocktails anyone?? 

Hello Cocktails!!
Ok So the holidays as we know are like a  pit of please DO NOT get me wrong here. Indulge, eat drink and be merry PLEASE! Its Christmas time and we all need a little room to breathe. Although it is nice to to have some low cal drinks when it comes to the 100 Christmas parties that we will be attending. So here is a light refreshing Grapefruit cocktail I know that you will love!

3oz red grapefruit
3oz cranberry juice
2oz seltzer
wedge of lime
spring of mint
Vodka or rum

Directions: Mix grapefruit, cranberry juices in a shaker with ice. Pout into tall glass, add 2 oz. seltzer. Finish off with wedge of lime. You can add a sprig of mint too! oh....and don't forget the vodka!!

Eat, drink, be merry!!





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