Quick lesson on how I track Macros

Hey girls....so I will try to keep this simple
All food has Macro Nutrients aka Macros
Three  major Macros are:

Think of it like a bank
Everyday you have Macros to spend on food. 

Plain greek yogurt has: P:17g C:4g F:0g (grams)
So thats how many macros I take out of my bank to spend.
If I have 160P then I minus 17grams and I will have 143grams of protein still left to eat (yay-cause eating is fun!)

You can see how wonderful this can be.....all day I eat 80% whole and healthy foods the other 20% I eat "treats" or "non whole foods" 
So that means yep.....tonight I'm eating a kit kat bar!! why? because I feel like it, and I have planned it in my meal plan, and I have ZERO guilt!!

Ok Girls, so this is the app that I use (and love) it's called "Macros plus"
It makes this whole thing soooo much easier. 
You add in your food, and it minus' it for you.

If you ever have any questions please ask!! email me, or message me on instagram!

AND.....if you get the app we can be app friends and you can see what I eat and I can see what you eat...
and that will hold me a bit more accountable!!
Happy eating girls

PS. you can go online and find a macro calculator to know what your macros should be at based on your goals. whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, this app will for sure help

Love to you all!! XO


Vanessa van TolComment