Bread and Cheese

So my lovelies.....have you ever found yourself devouring a sleeve of cookies or just eating the whole pint of ice-cream? Maybe you eat perfectly all week then when the weekend comes you just lose control? Only to reach the end of your smorgusborg and think...UGH not again!!! 

If you find yourself binging, this is can be because you are following a restrictive diet or their are foods that you are not allowing yourself to eat and have titled "bad". Of course some things are better for your body than others; however, deeming food to be "good" or "bad" can cause you to throw in the towel or binge when you eat a cookie or a chip because you feel like you have "messed" the whole thing up. 

Just like in this pic, bread and cheese can be the types of food that people cut sad because I LOVE cheese!! I have lived both ways: eating a very restrictive diet and living the flexible diet that I do now. I have to say I have so much more freedom with food now that I don't look at it as good or bad.

Give me all the Veggies, protein and fruit and all the Icecream, chocolate, and cheeeeese!!
Combine flexible dieting (food freedom) and a killer/fun workout and you have yourself a recipe for success!

I run fitness classes, challenges, events, and online training (which I LOVE) but most importantly I will sit down and eat ice-cream with you :) So message me anytime babe cause I would LOVE to chat (and eat) with you!!!



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