Our Adoption Journey

Well here is where it all began! My husband and I have talked about adoption for years, it was something that we knew we wanted to do one day. After four biological babes of our own we have decided to take the leap of faith to adopt! We started our Journey March 1st 2018

This is our adoption story, our struggles, our joys, our passion!


Our Heart is in Africa

There are many amazing reasons to adopt from any country, whether international or locally. Why Africa?
We have chosen Africa because thats where our heart is led; the poverty, injustice, and lack of nutrition, food, and opportunity is why we chose Africa. We are so absolutely blessed and privileged in this country and we just feel so called to this journey of adoption.


Our sweet babe is in Nigeria!

Africa is a huge continent and Nigeria is the Country we hope to one day go to snuggle our sweet little babe. We haven’t been matched with a little one yet, as there are many more steps to go through. But we will pray for Nigeria, for our babe, and for the sweet and amazing people that are caring for him/her now.


Home study Complete

We finished our home study August 15th, 2018.
I couldn’t be more excited! We had visits from a social worker discussing all the things about our family, upbringing, beliefs and values. We were found fit to adopt, and I’m jumping inside to be moving onto the next step. I can’t wait to send our home study!!


Our little crazy fam!

Here is a little glimpse into my little fam now!
Our oldest Cruz ( Storm Trooper) is 6, he loves starwars (hasn’t even seen it yet lol), going to the bakery, and playing all things super hero with his brothers. Maverick (dinosaur) is 4, he loves playing super hero with his brothers, he’s a good little listener, and always eats his vegetables. Roan (chicken) is 4, he loves all animals, he’s a big time snuggler, and he’s more of my sensitive soul. Malaya (swan princess) is 2, she is a firery little thing, knows what she wants, and loves her blanket, oh and she is a big time Daddy’s girl.
And yes, our sweet little angel is mimicking a gun like her brothers would (insert eye roll here)


We sent our home study!!!!

Guys I’m dying a little inside, I know that we still have so much time to wait to be matched BUT its happening! We sent our home study to Nigeria on November 9th 2018. Its so hard not to think about you every day little one! I imagine the first day that we will meet, how you will likely be scared, how I will fight back the millions of tears that will so badly want to burst from my eyes. I imagine the work it will take to gain your trust, and how so often adopted babes naturally cling to their new Dad first. I’ve read all the books, papers, and blogs to prepare. But what will our special day look like? love you little one XOXOX