Hey Vanessa
Just wanted to say a quick You are awesome!! 

I love your philosophy on eating and living. If you make a mistake don’t dwell on it just start again. I feel like it’s made this last 2 weeks so much more attainable for me and I love that I’m aware of what I’m eating but not doing it out of guilt or dread. Last night was a perfect example for me that this works. My younger daughter is super sick had her in the walk in and hospital last night turns out she has pneumonia. Yesterday wasn’t the best day diet wise and my husband ended making frozen pizza for dinner ( not my first choice ) I did manage to get a 20

Min Pilates excersize in while my daughter rested. Anyways I stepped on the scale this morning and at down another pound ( so 6 pounds since the challenge started) I’m not super big on weighing myself but I was feeling lighter lol. Anyways I feel good knowing I can make a mistake and get back on track. Thanks for promoting an attainable strategy for people. You are awesome! 





Thank you for this [email] today. I'd been eating chocolate that 80 preschoolers brought for valentines. Was eating it throughout the day without even thinking about it. Just cause it was there. Came home feeling low and angry at myself. Read your email, picked up my 14 year old who was also feeling low and we went for a 1/2 hr run! Changed both our moods. Now I still feel angry about the chocolate but happy that I at least tried to do something positive to counter!! 




My first workout with Vanessa was 9 months after having my first child. A previous high school athlete (10 years previous), I knew how to break a sweat and what to expect from a circuit-style workout. Still, Vanessa blew my mind with her high-energy, focused workout that left me sore for a week. Good sore. I used muscles that I forgot I had, and worked my very neglected cardio system harder than I had since running track in high school. The hour flew by because Vanessa kept changing up the exercises, working a different muscle group just when I thought I was about to die. Giving up never crossed my ming (okay, maybe a few times) thanks to her encouragement, enthusiasm and willingness to lie and tell me I was almost done:) I learned a lot of things during our hour together, two of which were, being slender does not equate to being fit, and if a mother of 4 young children can find time to exercise, so can I.  

I would (and do) highly recommended Vanessa if you are looking for someone who is 100% committed to fitness, health, and helping you achieve both. You won't find someone more passionate or motivating than her. She helped me feel excited about getting fit again, after years of failed and halfhearted attempts. Give Vanessa a try, but be careful; you may just find yourself fit, healthy, and excited about your body again. 





8 pounds lost since beginning of the challenge and 10 pounds since boot camp started. 
Thanks for always being so positive. 


I am so hard on myself and want my old body back so bad.  Thank you for inspiring me and getting me more motivated than I've been in a long time. I am very happy to have met you : )